Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pudding Paint

So I had been thinking that Rylie might enjoy finger painting, but knew that everything she touches right now goes into her mouth. I looked up some different edible finger paint recipes online and settled on the easiest one to make-Pudding Paint. I literally made vanilla instant pudding and added food coloring. Once I made it, I decided to only do one color since I knew Rylie would not care and then just used the regular pudding for another color since it was already yellow. She was pretty amused at the feeling of the pudding on her hands.

It took all of 1 minute for her fingers to find her mouth...and then it got really fun! I know, I am probably creating a monster...I mean, who teaches their kid to play with their food?! :)

One of her finished products. It actually dries eventually, so now we have some of Rylie's artwork hanging on the fridge!

As messy as it was, I think this face says it all! It was completely worth it as she had a blast!

To the bath tub she went!

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