Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Foods for Grayson

Grayson is starting to really like finger foods and seems to be preferring them over baby food some days. He loves peas and corn, avocados (only in chunk form, if they are mashed up he won't eat them), spaghetti, and his newest favorite is mac and cheese!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Big Boy Bath

Grayson loves the water and he loves taking baths without his bath seat!

And when you have an older sister, yes, your bath toys are Barbie dolls! :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Meeting Asher

Jeff, Laura, and Asher finally got to come visit us here is AZ! I was so excited to meet Asher and Rylie could not wait to hold her baby cousin. Grayson and Asher are 5 months apart in age so it will be so fun to watch them grow up together (even if there is a few thousand miles separating us right now).

Asher was a little bit overwhelmed by Rylie at the beginning, but it didn't take long for her to win him over!

Uncle Brandon and Asher.

Seriously, could he be any cuter?!

So they are 5 months apart in age, but Grayson is on the small size and Asher is on the bigger end so Asher is actually taller than Grayson! Grayson still has him in the weight department (and that part is pretty obvious if you compare their thighs!). :)

Yeah, Asher wasn't a huge fan of story time in bed. :)

Uncle Jeff bought Rylie this airplane for Christmas when she was Grayson's age, so it was Grayson's turn for a flight!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grandma (aka Grammy)

I have had the privilege to live near one set of my grandparents for pretty much my entire life. My Grandpa and Grandma Perkins came to a ton of my sporting events, school programs, church events, and graduations while I was growing up. They also got to be a part of my kids lives. My Grandma, or Grammy to all of the great-grandkids, passed away on January 15th. I miss her... a lot. Rylie misses her Grammy and talks about her a lot. She had a great sense of humor and I miss her smile and funny comments. We had a great time celebrating her life and spending time together as a family throughout the weeks in January.

Grandma took all of us grand daughters to see Mary Poppins one year.

One of my favorite memories. When we were little kids, my grandparents took us to Disneyland, no parents allowed. So a couple of years ago, us grand kids took them back to Disneyland...still no parents allowed! Grandma rode "Its a Small World" with her hands over her mouth and kept saying it was as magical as she remembered.

Meeting Rylie.

Rylie with Grammy at the cabin. This cabin holds the best memories.

This is one of Rylie's favorite memories of Grammy. There is an apple tree in front of the cabin and Rylie spent a lot of time with Grammy talking about the apples and what size they will be. She still brings it up occasionally!

Grammy and Papa Perkins at dinner with us on Rylie's 2nd birthday.

Meeting Grayson.

Grayson at the cabin. I am so happy that Grayson got to go the cabin and spend time up there with Grammy.

One of the last outings with Grammy and my kids-looking at Christmas lights.

We love you Grammy and miss you tons!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Grayson starts swim lessons

It was time for Grayson to start swim lessons! I have such a great husband who volunteered to get in the water with him since the class time worked out with his work schedule. It appears that we have another fish in the family! He loves the water and only fussed a little bit the first time they dunked his head under. After that, he was all smiles and splashing around.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

January Fun

Here are some random (but cute!) pics from our life in the month of January!

Rylie was really into superheros...for like 2 days. :)

Brandon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on January 6th. Thanks to my parents for watching our kids, we were able to go to a great dinner and then spend the night in a fun hotel here in Scottsdale. It was Grayson's first night away from us and he pretty much slept better for Papa and Grandma then he ever does for Daddy and Mommy! :)

A nighttime s'more in our backyard with Princess Rylie.

Rylie had her follow up doctors appointment from her surgery in December and everything looks great!

Surprise! Grayson kind of looks like me! :)

Playing cowgirl with some of her Christmas presents.

She absolutely loves AWANA Cubbies. She is doing really well memorizing her verses and can't wait to go every week.