Sunday, June 30, 2013

Papa and his Grandkids

The fun thing about my Dad working from home is that we get to see him a lot! Rylie loves to spend time with her Papa. :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blast from the Past

One of my oldest friends, Carley, (we've pretty much been friends since birth!) is having a baby girl next month and her baby shower was this past weekend. It was fun to see her and some of our other long time friends! Grayson was the perfect little gentleman at the shower and pretty much slept for most of it. :)

Charity (with her daughter Lexi), Carly, and I...we spent a lot of time together as kids!

Best friends with their grand babies! Jeri Block with her granddaughter Piper and my Mom with Grayson. People used to think they were sisters whenever we would be out with the Block family. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Days at the Cabin

The last few days in Pinetop were filled with playing, helping my dad do some work around the cabin, and one more trip to the park. While it was hard to come back to the heat, we really missed Brandon and were very excited to come home to him.

Tea party time with Grandma!

Helping Papa lay gravel.


One afternoon, we headed to Greer (about a 30-45 minute drive) so Rylie could play in the creek. She liked throwing rocks in it, but did not want to wade in it herself. I tried to get her in to no her defense, the water was freezing! After some time at the creek, we headed to a local diner for lunch. It was great weather and a very fun morning.

Papa trying to get Rylie to wade...yeah, no so much!

Grayson slept the entire time in the Moby Wrap...he loves this thing!

Mommy's turn to try and get her in...still not happening!

Papa showing her how to skip rocks.

Snack time!

The dogs had so much fun and were so dirty! When we were leaving my dad took them down and cleaned them off in the creek and then carried them back to put them in the car.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bath time at the Cabin

Sink baths are the way to go at the cabin!

Big yawn!

Up North for the Week!

Rylie, Grayson and I decided to get out of the heat while I am still on maternity leave and head to my parents cabin for almost a week! We spent a couple of mornings at the park, walking around the lake, playing at Grammy's cabin, and just relaxing. We missed Daddy a ton, but it was a nice little vacation before I go back to work.

Rylie loves Woodland Park. She would spend hours on the swings if we let her! We took a picnic lunch and then fed the ducks at the lake. Lucky for us, there was a set of baby ducks all ready to eat!

Grayson hung out with Grandma while Rylie and I played at the park.

Picnic time!

This park thing is tiring!

Feeding the ducks.

Rylie "reading" to her baby brother. :)

This is how Grayson spent most of the mornings. I love that it is cool enough to bundle him up a bit!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day & Grayson's First Swim

We celebrated Father's Day this year throughout the whole weekend. Brandon and my dad golfed on Saturday morning and then Saturday afternoon Brandon and my Dad took Rylie and Grayson swimming. That evening we all went to Sauce for dinner. On Sunday, we spent the day just the 4 of us. I made a big breakfast, we relaxed and watched the final round of the US Open golf tournament and then finished off the night with some frozen yogurt.

He didn't love it immediately, but after about 30 seconds, he realized it really wasn't so bad. He spent a little while "swimming" with Daddy.

Brandon and his kiddos!

Rylie with her Papa.

The 2 best Daddy's anyone could ask for!

Family dinner at Sauce.

Frozen yogurt time!