Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uncle Jeff's Here!

My brother was able to come for a visit from Hawaii (we missed you, Laura!). We all loved having him here for a short time...but I think Rylie may have had the most fun. :) She could not wait to show him her playhouse and have a tea party.

Breakfast at the Hanger Cafe.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Beginnings

So to add to the craziness of the holiday season, the new house closed and we moved! I know moving is crazy any time of year, but I would not recommend it right around Christmas...or maybe that's just with a 2 year old and Christmas. :) But, we did it and survived. I think the hardest part was actually once we moved out, we had to do some work on the condo to get it ready to rent. Brandon was amazing and the finished product turned out beautiful! Now we are praying for the right renters to live in our condo!

Attempting to get our old couches out of the condo down the stairs...

...but, they didn't fit out the door, so they came back upstairs and then went out of our balcony and onto the waiting trailer below!

Rylie's first nap in her new room and in her new big girl bed!

The work begins on putting wood floor on the stairs!

The beautiful finished project.

I'm so proud of Brandon and all the hard work he put in to make the condo look so good and ready for a new family!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas #2

We celebrated Christmas with my family a few days after we got back from California. It is kind of fun to spread out the holidays and of course Rylie loved that the presents weren't done yet!

Showing off a gift for her baby brother. :)

My mom had Rylie paint a canvas for Brandon and I and one for Mimi. They turned out so cute!

The aprons my mom made that came with a cooking set.

The biggest surprise of the night!

Watching Papa set up her art set.

Time for a tea party in the playhouse!

Rylie wrapped up Wrigley and we laughed that Wrigley pretty much stayed like that for the rest of the night!

The princess eating her dessert.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Rylie was really excited for Christmas morning this year. She doesn't totally understand the whole Santa thing, but I think it grew on her as the Holidays progressed. She was pretty excited to leave out milk and cookies for him!

Checking out all of her goods in her stocking on Christmas morning.

Showing off her new Minnie Mouse slippers. :)

Cuddles for Wrigley.

Playing with her new princess castle.

Later that afternoon, we headed to Brandon's cousin's house for Christmas dinner. Anna was showing Rylie her new Ipad Mini. :)

We got quite the singing show from Rylie!

Reading books with Geewa.

I love my family!

We headed home to AZ the next day to begin the crazy part of our Holidays...moving! I love this picture from the drive, she would not let go of Minnie Mouse!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Christmas Activities

The other days in California before Christmas were spent doing some fun Holiday stuff and last minute shopping. One night, we met auntie Kimmie's family at the Grove in LA for dinner and some fun shopping. The decor at the Grove is amazing, and as a surprise to us, it snowed just like it does at Disneyland! Rylie loved it!

Dancing with Daddy in the snow. :)

Rylie all dressed up for the Christmas Eve service.