Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mountain Baby

This past weekend, we decided to get out of the miserable heat and head up to the Mogollion Rim in northern Arizona to camp.

So this was going to be Rylie's first camping trip! I was a little nervous because Rylie has not been sleeping very well (up 4-5 times a night) so I didn't want to be near anyone else's camp since it could be a long night for everyone! We headed towards the Woods Canyon Lake area and found a beautiful campsite. My parents put up their tent trailer, and it turned out to be just in time because the rest of the day it poured down rain! Now, if you don't live in AZ, this might be a major bummer. But for us, it was awesome! We loved every minute of the cool weather and the rain noise on the tent trailer. The rain cleared for just enough time to have a camp fire, and then was back for us to go to sleep to the noise.

Rylie waiting for camp to be all set up (did I mention that the Bumbo is a great thing to have on a camping trip!)

I love that she finally got an opportunity to wear her adorable little Nike tennis shoes! It has been so hot that I haven't wanted to even put shoes on her, much less completely closed in tennis shoes!

Yeah! It was actually cold enough to bundle her up and put a beanie on her head :)

She thought the camp fire was pretty interesting!

I really shouldn't have been worried...Rylie slept better there than she has in a long time at home! Apparently she likes the cool weather and the rain!

The next day, we got up and went for a hike around Woods Canyon Lake. It is an absolutely beautiful hike! Soon after, we packed up camp and headed back to the heat. Rylie let me know that she was not happy about that when she started screaming about 45 minutes away from my parents house, and continued all the way there and then another 30 minutes all the way home. But let's be honest...who wants to leave 60 degree weather to come back to 110 degree weather??

"Daddy, can this be my car in a few year?" :)

This was Rylie's first ride in our jeep...she thought it was pretty fun!

She is pretty relaxed in her Bjorn...she slept for quite awhile on the hike!

Our other pretty baby, Wrigley. She loves to camp and hike!

The group on the hike. Isn't Woods Canyone Lake beautiful?

What a fun way to spend our weekend! We look forward to many more camping trips with Rylie in the future!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rylie's Radiant Photoshoot

We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing photographers in our family. My cousin Bre and her husband Scott own Radiant Photography (they did our amazing maternity photos, which you can see right here ). They graciously offered to do a photo shoot of Rylie and my cousin, Ashley's little boy, Cayden. I can descibe the photos they took with one word...AMAZING!

Let me take a moment to brag about them for just a second. Not only are they amazing photographers, they are simply amazing people. I promise, if you book them for a photo shoot of any kind, you will absolutely love your photos and you will have an incredible time taking the pictures just because they are so fun and easy to be around. They also are extremely giving. They choose different charity's throughout the year to in which to donate a portion of their earnings from their photo shoots. They also donate their time and skills to organizations that they are passionate about (check out the most amazing shoot that they did for the Arizona Princess Program here ).

If you want more information about Radiant Photography or would like to book them for a photo shoot, visit their website or their blog or you can even like them on Facebook (just search Radiant Photography) .

By the time we got to taking pictures of Rylie and Cayden together, Rylie was pretty over it. We all loved this picture because of Cayden's facial expression...He looks like alot of guys look when a girl starts crying..."What do I do"! :)

Radiant Newborn

These are the photos taken by Radiant Photography of Rylie at one day old when we were in the hospital. Make sure to visit their blog.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Princess Party!

My little cousin, Tatum, turned 4 this month (holy cow, time flies!!) and she had a Pirates and Princess swim party to celebrate. I was very excited about this theme, cuz Rylie had the perfect little princess outfit to wear (I'm such a girl!). She was the perfect little princess for the beginning of the party...but it is August in AZ, so we soon took her out of the princess outfit and put her into her swim suit so she could cool off! She is seeming to really enjoy the pool and was even dunked for the first time (she only cried a little bit the first time, and then after that she really didn't seem to mind going under). I really think she is turning out to be a little fish, just like her daddy!

Rylie and the birthday girl, Tatum

Her first goodie bag! :)

The princess with her crown :)

Rylie and her cousin, Cayden

Too much partying!! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 Months

I know that this is totally cliche, but I seriously can not believe that Rylie is already 3 months old! Time sure flys when you are having fun :). It is a little overdue, but here are the things that she is has been doing lately.

*She weighs 13 lbs 8oz and I love all of her little rolls!

*She can now easily roll from her stomach to her back...but still chooses not to most of the time. And she still hates tummy time!

*Went to her first D-backs game! She now has been to 3 different baseball stadiums in 3 months...not bad, if you ask me! :)

*Is starting to grasp objects and hold on to them

*Has finally noticed Wrigley and loves watching her and the other dogs play.

*Eats 5 oz every 3 hours. She has a milk allergy, so we are on soy formula and I am completely dairy free. Most kids outgrow the allergy by a year, so we will wait and see what happens.

*She wears 0-3 month clothes most of the time, and due to her drool and spitting up, now goes through a couple of outfits a day! :)

*She loves her tummy time mat...when she is on her back! She will play and play with the toys hanging from it and often plays herself to sleep.

*Still loves loves loves her daddy!! And we love love love her!!