Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

For Father's Day this year, my parents came back into town and were staying at a hotel in Scottsdale, so we headed up there for a day of golf (for the men), relaxing by the pool (or whatever that looks like with a 2 year old), and just being together with family. Rylie currently loves to swim probably more than anything else in the world right now so we all had so much fun watching our little fish in the pool. I have been blessed to be around 2 amazing Father's...I love watching my dad with Rylie and my love for Brandon has just grown stronger watching him be a Daddy to our little peanut.

Rylie's set up by the pool :)

Rylie with her Papa

She loves swimming with Daddy! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week with Papa and Grandma

Rylie had the opportunity to spend a whole week with my parents up at their cabin in Pinetop. While we knew we would miss her, we also knew that she would have the time of her life and we would get a little mini  "staycation" at home while she was gone. She spent her days playing at the park, walking around the lake, playing in the treehouse, helping Papa move rocks, and planting flowers with Grammy. I really don't think she even noticed we weren't there!

On a walk with Millie and Papa Perkins

Having a chat with Grammy about how big the apples on the tree are right now and how big they will get (which she still tells me even at home when she sees an apple!).

Taking the dogs for a walk...or maybe that is the other way around. :)

I think she had fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend in Pinetop

Rylie spent a week in Pinetop with my parents (pics from that week to come later!) and then Brandon and I joined them last weekend. We were both very excited to see her (our house was very quiet...and very clean, while she was gone), though I don't think she missed us one bit! The first morning we were there, we headed out on a three and a half mile hike. Major props to my amazing husband who carried Rylie on his back the entire way! We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the amazing weather and relaxing around my parents cabin...it was hard to come home!

Yes, she is sound to sleep and stayed that way for a good portion of the hike. So not only was Brandon carrying her on his back...she literally was complete dead weight for most of it...see, I said he was amazing!

Checking out a caterpillar on Grandma's hand.

We were so proud that she climbed over the log by herself. :)

Hanging out in the hammock...did I mention we love this place!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Princess Party

My cousin's little girl, Kylee, had the cutest princess party for her birthday this year. The girls were told to come dressed in dress-up clothes for a night of music and dancing. Rylie was very excited for "Kylee's Happy Day" and for getting to wear her dress-up clothes out of our house.

As soon as you arrived, they had this adorable archway to walk through and all of the furniture had been cleared away for the dance floor. Rylie loved the music and danced the night away!

She loved her princess crown. :)

Rylie took a quick break from dancing for some cuddles from Papa.

They had this big Repunzul doll and Rylie was a little intrigued...she wan't quite sure what to do with her, but decided she could dance!

Limbo time!

They had a little craft station set up to make frames to put a picture from the party in.

My little princess with her cake pop. :)