Saturday, September 10, 2011

15-16 Months

Rylie is busy, busy, busy at this stage in her life. She literally never stops moving! She is so much fun and is really starting to show us her sense of humor. Here is what she has been up to lately:

*She loves music of any kind, in any form. If it is on TV, she will dance. If it is on the radio, she will dance. On the computer? Oh yeah, she'll dance to that to. She bends her knees and bobs up and down, she spins in circles, she marches in place and she shakes her head. These are Rylie's dance moves. I am working on getting them on video, but have not been successful just yet.

*The reason that I have not been successful with the video is that Rylie likes to look at any photo of her on my phone. As soon as she sees it come out, she stops what she is doing and runs over to me to check it out. Hence the reason I haven't got her cool dance moves on camera yet.

*Her toy of choice right now would be books. Not sure if I would have considered them a toy in the past, but if you give her a choice to play with any of her toys or to read a book she will pick the book. Every time, without fail. Some of her favorites right now are her animal picture book, Baby's 1,2,3, Bubbles Bubbles, Where's my Sweetie Pie, and B is for Bear.

*She loves to play with balls. She throws them and chases them all over the house. She also thinks it is hilarious when you bounce them off of her head. Probably not the best thing to teach her (throw them at people's heads! It's funny!), but we'll worry about that later. :)

*Her favorite game to play with you is chase. She will run through the house screaming and giggling if someone is chasing her. She prefers to be chased than to do the chasing, but is getting better at playing the game both ways.

*She finally seems to moving into some 18 month clothing. I feel like she has been wearing the 12 month size forever! Her feet also seem to have gone through a growth spurt and she is now wearing size 4 and will probably be in a size 5 before too long.

*Most days, she will still take 2 naps. Her morning one is almost always 2 hours and her afternoon one is about an hour. It is probably about time to go down to one a day, but we have such a hard time keeping her awake in the morning and if she only takes it in the morning, it is a very long afternoon and evening before bed. She is now a great sleeper at night, sleeping about 11 hours per night.

*She has become a pretty good eater most of the time. Some of her favorite foods are any fruit (literally any kind in any form she loves), peas (she will pick them out of any recipe and eat them first), steamed carrots, palenta (aka corn grits...I know, very odd, but she absolutely loves them for breakfast with milk, butter, and a sprinkle of salt), any dip dip (what we call salsa, guacomole or dressings. She sucks it off of the chip and dips it back in for more), black beans (thanks to Chipotle) and spaghetti. Her absolute favorite foods are anything made in the form of a smoothie. She will run for my Mom's cabinet with the blender in it when you ask her if she wants a smoothie.

*She says "Da" (thank you) everything you give her something and makes the "P" sound when she wants something (can't quite figure out the entire word for please).

*Like a true Daddy's girl, she would probably choose to live on milk alone if it were up to her. We can't give it to her at any meal because she won't eat any of her food if milk is there.

*She still loves to swim, go down slides, and jump-jump at Mommy's work (that would be play on a trampoline).

*Her first chore has become feeding Wrigley. She loves to dip the cup into the food, walk across the kitchen and pour it into the bowl (it actually makes it into the bowl about half of the time, but oh well, Wrigley doesn't really care). She chose this all by herself the day I found her carrying individual handfuls of Wrigley's food across the kitchen to put in the bowl. I decided the cup would go alot faster. :)

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