Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our Halloween celebrations started on Sunday night. We put Rylie in her Starbucks Frappuchinno costume and headed to Grace Church with my parents for their Fall picnic. They had food and little games set up for the kids to play and get candy. The first game that Rylie played was a fishing game where they gave her a mini Twix bar. She would have been happy to be done at that point, as all she really wanted to do from then on was put the Twix bar in her pumpkin and take it out again. But, she did play a few other games before she got totally overwhelmed. :)

On Halloween, we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to go trick or treating. This time, we were all in costume...the Starbucks family, complete with 2 baristas, our little carmel frappuchinno, and our bag of coffee. :)

The trick or treaters-a frappuchinno, a cupcake, and a cow.

The hunter and his deer :)

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