Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shred Sleds!!

Our first day up in Pinetop my mom graciously offered to babysit Rylie so that Brandon and I could go snowboarding! If you have known us for awhile, we have quite a past involving snowboards (started dating on a snowboard trip, got engaged snowboarding, honeymoon? oh yeah, snowboarding there too!) but due to a certain little addition to our family, it has been a bit tough to go the past couple of years (pregnancy and snowboarding don't exactly go hand in hand). My Dad, Jeff and Laura also came with us (Laura's first day skiing and she did amazing!). We had a great day on the mountain! It was sunny and perfect snow all morning and then it started lightly snowing in the afternoon. One of my favorite things in the world with my favorite person in the world...pretty perfect way to spend the day!

 A little piece of my the top of the mountain with my dad! Such fun memories!

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  1. By favorite person in the world, you meant your brother right??? :)