Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

This was the first Christmas morning that we started off in our own house since we got married, so it was different and so fun! Rylie slept in a little bit due to the festivities the night before, but we eventually woke up, read the Christmas story, and finally started the gifts with her stocking. I probably could have stopped shopping after her stocking was filled since she loved everything in her stocking and spent quite a lot of time playing with those items. :) My parents and Grandma came over about 9 for more gifts and breakfast. Jeff and Laura joined us later and then we all headed over to my Great Aunt Mary's house for lunch. That night, we went to my parents house for the Perkins family Christmas. Whew! It was a full, but very fun day.

Modeling her princess shoes!

She loved her kitchen!

Playing with cousins.

The chaotic and super fun Perkins family Christmas!

She loved her baby stroller. She spent most of the evening pushing it all over my parents house.

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