Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our life via Instagram

There is this great app on the iPhone called Instagram that I love. You can take your photos and add cool effects to them and then it posts on a feed that people can follow and you can post them to Facebook. I obviously don't cart my camera around everywhere (though I probably do have it with me more than the average person) my phone has most of the pictures that make up our everyday life. I thought I would share some of them...so here is a glimpse of our life in Instagram photos!

We have been having some amazing weather and Rylie loves to be outside more than anything, so we try to take advantage of this as much as possible!

My very first 3D movie (Beauty and the Beast) with one of my movie dates, my little cousin Tatum! :)

Rylie is really into dress up and loves the mermaid outfit that Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura got her for Christmas.

Brandon and I were able to steal away for a day and drove down to Tucson to watch the WGC Championship golf tournament. It was really fun to spend the day with Brandon and see the top golfers in the world play a beautiful course. And Brandon finally got to see Tiger Woods play in person! :)

Rylie is still taking swim lessons and she is doing great! This is how she often looks on the way home from swim.

Our little chef loves her kitchen!

She got to go to her friend, Boston's, birthday party and it was pirate themed...so here is Rylie in her little pirate outfit (not bad for the whole $1 I spent to make it!). I tried to get a picture of the adorable birthday boy and Rylie together (we got one of them at her 1st birthday party) but lets be honest...trying to get a 2 year old and an almost 2 year old to face the same direction, much less stand still, to take a picture is basically impossible. :)

Rylie does great eating out at restaurants...especially those that serve corn on the cob!

Rylie and Wrigley have turned into great friends! Here is a morning picnic with the 2 of them. :)

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