Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rylie's 1st Gymnastics Class

The gym that I work at offers gymnastics classes just for two-year-olds, so Rylie got to start gymnastics! Her class is called the Busy Bees (pretty fitting if you ask me!) and her coach is Amy (also my cousin). She absolutely loved her class! Amy said she listened extremely well for her first time and she did so good trying out all of the equipment. It was so fun to watch her participate with the other kids, follow directions, and take her turn. I think this class is going to be great for her!

Waiting her turn for the slide...not so patiently. Right after this was taken, she pushed the other girl down the slide and had to get a little talk about not pushing from Coach Amy.

Waiting for her stamp and sticker at the end of class.

"We love gymnastics!"

Lucky girl! Both Grandma and Mimi came to watch her first gymnastics class!

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  1. Sooooo CUTE!!!! Maybe her and Boston can be in a class together in the fall. Also that dress in your header picture--yea I want to buy one lol how do I do that?