Monday, August 27, 2012

Car's Land!

Rylie and I headed to California for a long weekend. Brandon was going to come with us (had a plane ticket and everything!) but then he got promoted and had to be in training, so he couldn't miss the 2 days of work to go. :( So just Rylie and I flew over there. Thankfully, she is a fabulous little traveler and listens very well...lugging her car seat through the airport potentially could have been a lot harder if I was having to carry her as well. :)

We flew in on Thursday night, and of course, headed to Disneyland on Friday. We actually barely even went into Disneyland, instead we spent the time in California Adventure and at the new Car's Land. While it was still crowded, it was no where near as crowded as the last time, so we actually went on a ride! :)

Rylie is starting to love rides! She giggles and shrieks the entire time we are on them, so it is super fun to take her on new stuff now. :)

This place is always so exhausting! :)

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