Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween we headed to my uncle and aunt's house, like we do every year, so that Rylie could go trick-or-treating with Tatum and Cayden. She dressed up as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Wrigley was the Beast (yes, we still pick out her costume based on how we can incorporate Wrigley). :) Rylie really got into trick-or-treating this year and had a blast walking around the neighborhood and going door to door. She did enjoy her candy, but it was probably the last year that Daddy and Mommy still enjoyed it more and she didn't really notice. :)

Trying to get a picture with both of them looking at the camera is pretty much impossible...

...apparently with this group as well! :)

So here is a little blast from the past...we have taken Rylie's picture sitting in the same chair every Halloween for the past 3 years. :)

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