Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amy's Big Day!

Rylie has been asking for months if it was time for Amy's wedding yet so she could wear her pretty dress...so we were finally able to tell her, yes! The morning of the wedding, I headed over to my mom's house where all of the bridesmaids were meeting to get ready, while Rylie stayed with Brandon so she could get in a good nap before the evenings events. :) (Sorry, this post is a bit of a photo bomb!)

My bridesmaid shirt still fit (kinda)! We got these back before I knew I was pregnant, so good job Amy! :)

The before hair and make-up. :)

Kenzie got to hang out with us all morning.

The bridal party.

Seriously, how cute are these 2! :)

The new family! :)

The McKenzie side of the family.

This was the guest book! My dad made the bench and all of the guests signed the seat and back...it turned out amazing!

Our little country girl. :)

The amazing entrance by Amy and her dad.

Tatum got to do the sand ceremony with them.

I love this picture! This was Brandon talking to Rylie during the father/daughter dance. :)

Anthony and Tatum did a "new" father/daughter dance...and everyone cried through the whole thing.

Dancing the night away!

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