Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grayson's 1st Birthday Golf Par-Tee!

We were pretty excited for Grayson's 1st birthday party. A few months ago, we decided to do a golf themed party (Daddy is starting him young!) and it was so fun to plan!

I love how all of the little details turned out for the party!

Each kid got a golf bag with their name when they came in and Brandon had set up little obstacles in the backyard for them to chip and put at.

"Club" sandwiches, orange "wedges", and watermelon "slice".

A build your own visor station.

The "19th Hole".

Grayson's smash cake.

Grayson was the perfect little birthday boy. He loved his golf clubs and loved opening presents. His absolute favorite thing of the entire party was definitely his cake. :)

Wondering why everyone is singing to him.

First taste...

...and decides that this thing tastes pretty good!

Sharing with Daddy!

To the bathtub he went!

Not sure what to think about Elmo. :)

It was really fun to have Jeff, Laura, and Asher here from Hawaii to help us celebrate!

All of the kids at the party. :)

Twins! :)

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