Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the house is painted...

Brandon was on Spring Break this past week, so we decided to finally paint our house (and I'm pretty sure that it will be the first and last time that we do that much at one time!). After changing colors a few times (anyone need 2 gallons of brown, but kind of looks like purple when you put it on the wall, paint?), my mom and aunt came over to help us. It took a little while, but the finished product is great! I feel like our home is ours now...not that it hasn't always been, but it feels less generic and more personal now.

The "before" pictures.

They had to prop these two 2x4's up on a windowsill to reach the top of the wall above our staircase...I really did not want to watch!

The "after" pictures.


  1. Don't let OSHA see the 2x4 thing!!! You might get violated for unsafe work environment. Looks good!!!