Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baseball has begun!!

Well, if you can't tell just by looking, Brandon and I are huge baseball fans. So this is a great time of year for us cuz the MLB season is about to begin! While patiently waiting for our beloved D-backs to start their season, we were able to catch a few other games. Living in Arizona has its advantages when it comes to Spring Training season! We have also started to really enjoy going to the ASU Baseball games...four years of college there and I never once went to a baseball game...but that changed when I met Brandon. Here are a few photos of one of our favorite things to do together.

Brandon's Mom, Helen, and little brother, Blake, joined us from California for the Angels game. We had 75 degree weather and slightly overcast skies...perfect for a baseball game!


  1. I am very excited you started blogging!!! So now we just need a baby on the way so Trey can have a friend LOL

  2. Yeah Brandon..where is the baby???

  3. How fun are spring training games!!! We have a babysitter pretty much whenever we want (grandma is uber excited to watch Roman!), so if you all want to double date to a game, let us know!

    Love the blog! I'm gonna post a link to it on my blog! Yeah!