Sunday, February 6, 2011

Swim Lessons

Rylie started swim lessons last week! We decided she needs a little bit of water awareness since she has no concept that she can't breathe in the water. We took her swimming a few times last summer, but she was so little so I had no idea if she would like it now. Boy was I wrong! She is quite the little fish! The instructor was amazed at how relaxed she was and how great she did when we put her under water. By the end, she was coming out of the water with a smile on her face! She kicked all over the place, started learning how to climb out of the pool and how to monkey walk along the side. This is going to be so fun every Friday morning!

Kicking around the pool with Coach Melanie

Practicing her monkey walks on the side of the pool


  1. Hey Bethany! Where is she taking swim lessons?

  2. Hey Aubrey! It is at Aspire Kids Sports Center right next to Chandler Mall (I work there). You should join us! Mallory Langhoff and Parker are starting the class as well...

  3. Thanks! I am just starting to think about lessons. I checked out their website. Looks great!