Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a great July 4th this year! My parents are house sitting for some friends, so Rylie and I spent the morning over there with the intention of swimming while Brandon and my dad were golfing. Well, the craziest thing happened to change our rained! In Phoenix, on July 4th! Seriously, that never, ever happens. So Brandon and my dad's golf game got rained out, and we did end up getting in the pool, just a lot later and for not as long as originally planned.

This is how we spent the morning...she absolutely loves this little roller coaster!

That evening we headed to the Diamondbacks game! We have decided that baseball games are the best place to be on July 4th-you already have seats (in air-conditioned for us AZ folks) and are being entertained while you wait for the fireworks to start. :) Rylie did fantastic! We only had to get up one time to to walk around for a little bit, but other than that, she sat for the entire 9 innings! She pretty much snacked her way through the game and I'm shocked she didn't have a major stomach ache by the end. She also was in the best mood all the way up until 11:00pm which was when she crashed in the car. :)

She was very excited to see Baxter, but Mommy didn't want to wait in the huge line, so this is as close as we got...I really don't think she cared that much, she was still pretty excited to see "the big kitty". :)

Watching the fireworks with Grandma. I love her hair in the next few was about 10pm and she was done with her pigtails and we were not about to do anything to ruin her good mood at that time of night!

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