Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip!!

We are off on another adventure! Rylie, my parents, and I headed out on the road (Brandon is going to join us soon!) and the first stop on our trip was Southern California for a quick little visit with a bunch of different friends and family. Rylie, once again, did amazing on the drive over and was so excited to see Mimi (always super excited to see Mimi, Bobo, Sarah, and Mater). We hung out with Helen and the family for the evening and then drove down to Mission Viejo to stay with some long time friends, the Blocks. Rylie is quite the party animal who took about a 30 min. nap on the drive over and was going strong until 10:30pm!

Rylie's "big girl" bed at the Block's house...and she stayed there all night!

Rylie and Stella...this poor dog. Rylie has done nothing but follow her around and try to get her since we got here.

The next morning, we headed to San Clemente to spend some time with Erin Botma on the beach. Rylie had the time of her life playing in the sand and the ocean. We also got the greatest dolphin show while we were on the beach! I have never seen dolphins jumping in the wild like that! After a morning at the beach, we walked down to the pier for some clam chowder and peanut butter pie.

She was shivering so bad after being in the water we just decided to change her whole swim suit so she could be dry!

Looking for sand crabs with Erin

Rylie and Mommy with our seaweed necklaces...thanks Erin for teaching her how to do that! :)

Peanut butter pie time! (and taste's as good as it looks!)

Hopping on the pier

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