Sunday, December 30, 2012

Princess Breakfast

Our first day in California, we headed to the Merriest Place on Earth (yes, Disneyland!) for the day to enjoy the Christmas decor. Mimi had a big surprise for all of us and let us know on the way that we had reservations for the princess breakfast in California Adventure! A little back story, we had eaten at Ariel's Grotto (where the breakfast is held) when I was pregnant with Rylie (though, we didn't know if she was a she yet) and the whole time we were there, Helen and I talked about how fun it would be to bring a little girl to this restaurant, and now the time had come!
So obviously we love everything Disney (duh, right!) and think that Disney just does some things better than any other theme park in the world. These character breakfasts are definitely one of those things. After being seated, the food just starts coming! A little while into the amazing breakfast, the first princess is introduced and she starts her way around the room stopping at each table for pictures and will take the time to talk to each little girl. Rylie caught on really fast and was soon asking the current princess who was coming next. :) It was so fun to watch her excitement throughout the breakfast and it was a great way to start our fun Christmas day at Disneyland!

The first course of breakfast (well, kind is all you can eat, so I guess there isn't really courses).

Patiently waiting for Cinderella. :)

Her current favorite, Cinderella!

Being silly with her crown.

Thank you Mimi for such a fun morning!

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