Thursday, December 13, 2012

Visiting Santa

We headed to Bass Pro Shop one evening so Rylie could see Santa. They have the cutest winter village set up with a ton of activities, crafts, a carousel, and of course, Santa...and it is all FREE! :) Rylie had told me a few days prior that she didn't like Santa and had no desire to sit on his lap, so we talked a lot about it and one afternoon I took her upstairs at the mall where she could see Santa below. We watched a few different kids sit on his lap (luckily, none of them were screaming) and then he noticed her upstairs watching him and he waved. After that, she was pretty excited to see him and tell him that she wanted a Minnie Mouse for Christmas (guess we better add that to our shopping list since that is all she talked about that she wanted).

With Grammy and Papa Perkins.

Craft time with Grandma.

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