Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rylie's 3rd Birthday

Since we held Rylie's birthday party a little bit early this year in case her little brother decided to make an appearance closer to her actual birthday, she was a little confused about what her birthday day meant. :) She got to open a present first thing in the morning (a tradition from Brandon's family that we have adopted) and then I had to go to work. That afternoon we headed to Lynn's house for Rylie to play with one of her best friends, Joshua. After a fun and water filled afternoon, we met my Grandparents and Mom and Famous Dave's for dinner (my dad was out of town).

A princess karaoke machine!

Time for some water fun!

Snack time!

Grammy, Rylie and Grandma

Golf clubs just like Daddy! (I love that she has Famous Dave's BBQ sauce all over her face in all of these pictures...she really likes this place!)

Corn on the of her favorites!

Grammy, Rylie and Papa Perkins

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