Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rylie's Under the Sea Birthday Party

Rylie is super into all of the Disney Princesses right now, but Ariel is probably her favorite (though really? Why is every girl so obsessed with Ariel at some point? She is kind of just a spoiled little girl who disobeys her father and gets her way...just what I want to teach my daughter! :) ). We had already decided to hold her 3rd birthday party at the gym where I work, but instead of using the gym, we had a swim party at the indoor pool, so really the Ariel theme worked out perfectly.

We had fun naming all of the food with under the sea names...and yes, my husband is super creative and cut the pineapple into starfish. :)

The birthday girl with Ariel at Disneyland.

She was just a little excited!

All of the kids had a blast swimming (and I think some of the parents had some fun in the pool as well!) and Rylie could not stop smiling. :)

After swimming, Rylie got to put on her Ariel outfit and birthday crown. We had the kids do the pinata, opened gifts and cut the cake. It was so fun to watch Rylie's face throughout the party...she really could not stop smiling (and that translate to thanks Mom and Dad!). :)

Dancing with Mimi.

Rylie with her friends.

These 2 are the best of friends! Every event they are both at, at some point we can find them off by themselves just talking. :)

She thought it was pretty fun to have everyone looking at her and singing. :)

Rylie with her Grandma and Mimi...which Mommy is so thankful for all of their help with this party! They were even ready to throw it themselves if I happened to go into labor before it! :) (Gotta also love how they both colored coordinated with the party theme!)

Rylie and Kenzie.

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