Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Up North for the Week!

Rylie, Grayson and I decided to get out of the heat while I am still on maternity leave and head to my parents cabin for almost a week! We spent a couple of mornings at the park, walking around the lake, playing at Grammy's cabin, and just relaxing. We missed Daddy a ton, but it was a nice little vacation before I go back to work.

Rylie loves Woodland Park. She would spend hours on the swings if we let her! We took a picnic lunch and then fed the ducks at the lake. Lucky for us, there was a set of baby ducks all ready to eat!

Grayson hung out with Grandma while Rylie and I played at the park.

Picnic time!

This park thing is tiring!

Feeding the ducks.

Rylie "reading" to her baby brother. :)

This is how Grayson spent most of the mornings. I love that it is cool enough to bundle him up a bit!

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