Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The End to an Amazing Trip!

The rest of the reunion was filled with Frisbee golf, shooting at the gun range (that is on the property!), an amazing family church service complete with baptisms, and hanging out and enjoying each other! It was an amazing trip filled with great life-long memories! It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone...especially Jeff and Laura. Next time we see them, they will be a family of 3!

Grandma with all her kids and their spouses.

The whole group!

Grandma with her great grandkids...pretty amazing, if you ask me, that we got all of them to look in the same direction...

...and this would be how we got them to all look! :)

Grandma with all her grandkids.

So without planning, our whole family showed up for the pictures dressed in red, white and blue. Here is our patriotic picture! :)

Yes, my uncle has a cannon!

We had a little baby shower for Jeff and Laura and my cousin Adam and his wife Jeanine.

Rylie had a sleepover in my parents trailer one night!

Our church service.

Love this lady! All of this is because of her and my grandpa!

My dad got the opportunity to baptize his youngest brother, Peter, who then in turn, baptized his wife and 2 of his kids. It was very cool for all of us to get to be a part of it!

On the Frisbee golf course with Carmen.

One more trip to get huckleberry milkshakes!

On the shooting range with Daddy.

Apparently, the whole shooting thing was pretty boring to her!

"This reunion stuff is exhausting!"

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  1. We should check Brandon's green card. Wrong hand!!! :)