Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pics from December

I just have a bunch of random pictures from December that I love, so here is glimpse of our everyday life this month!

We got Rylie this little tree for her room (side note...this child loves dress up! She never goes through a day wearing normal clothes the entire day. At some point, she becomes a princess, or just puts on any combination of clothes that she wants...hence the headband, princess dress, and random glove). :)

It took Grayson all of one day after he started crawling to find the Christmas tree.

Cheering on the Sun Devils...granted, it didn't really work (they lost) but at least they looked cute!

And we are in trouble! Starting to pull up before he even turned 7 months!

The month of December was hard on her...too many fun activities! She fell asleep in random places all month long (gotta love this outfit of choice)!

How Grayson prefers to crawl a lot of the time!

Playing in our newly finished backyard.

Random sleep place #2.

Loving blueberries for the first time...all the way up to his hair!

One night we headed to the Princess Resort for their light display. It was free, the parking was not...and the light display was not worth the fee in parking. Oh well, you learn! Rylie still thought it was fun!

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