Friday, January 3, 2014

Rylie's Surgery

Rylie has had a little ball like bump on the front of her neck a little below her ear since she was born. The doctors told us it was a little piece of cartilage the dropped when her ear formed in utero. We decided to have it removed. The surgery was at Phoenix Children's Hospital's outpatient surgery center. As soon as we got there, she got to pick out a stuffed animal to take into surgery with her. She had also brought Ellie (the pink elephant that she has had since she was a baby) and they let her take that into surgery as well.

Getting her blood pressure taken in pre-op.

We could tell she was starting to get a little nervous so Daddy distracted her by playing I Spy.

Cuddles before going into surgery.

Even though it was a very minor procedure, it was so hard to walk out of the room when they were taking her back to surgery. The nurse came and got her and she turned to us and started asking where we were going so the nurse just picked her up and started talking about other things. They are so good at what they do! We headed to the waiting room where they had a board to track exactly where she was at during the whole process. It really only took about 30-45 minutes and then we were called back to the post-op room. We had been warned that coming off of anesthesia could be rough on kids (some act totally possessed for a couple of minutes), but she was great! The nurse told us that she had a perfect wake-up. The surgery went really well and we were soon on our way home! Rylie acted totally normal the rest of the day. You would have never known that she had surgery that morning!

She got balloons from Grandma and Mimi and Uncle Blake drove in that day and brought her a new book and pjs from Mimi.

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