Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grayson at 15 Months

Grayson is almost 15 months and he is so fun right now! I have a talented friend over at Bello Lume Photography that saw Grayson's cake smash at his first party and offered to do a photo shoot! In true toddler fashion, he wanted nothing to do with his cake during the photo shoot. :) But, as I mentioned before, she is so talented, that you would never know! She still captured the cutest pictures of him!

I definitely failed on the monthly posts for him like I did for his sister throughout her first year, but here are some things that he is up to now. :)

*He is still our little peanut and wears mostly 12 month clothes.

*He has the most ear piercing scream when he doesn't get what he wants...or if a toy is taken from him (ahem...Rylie. :) ). Here's to hoping this one goes away eventually!

*He loves food! His favorites right now would be graham crackers, goldfish, grapes, blueberries, roasted red pepper hummus (this one kind of makes me smile...I will give him a cucumber with hummus on it and he will suck the hummus off and hand the cucumber back to me for more), ice cream (duh), chicken nuggets, meatballs, and french fries.

*He is starting to talk a lot more. His current words are Daddy (so cute! It's not Dada anymore...definitely Daddy!), Mama (not very often, but when he really really wants something), cracker, ball, bye-bye, baseball (he is his father's son!), apple, and uh-oh. He really is starting to imitate any words that we say, so we have also heard Asher (during a Skype session with Jeff and Laura), but I can't get him to repeat it.

*He also says Rylie (usually only at the top of his lungs when she is a little ways away and he wants her attention), Papa, and much to the happiness of both of our mothers, he has also said Grandma (more like and-ma and made her day after foot surgery) and Mimi (this one was to get her attention when she was focused on Rylie...have I mentioned he can get a bit jealous?! :) ).

*He is very, very active...as in never stops moving if he is awake. He actually runs now, which is adorable and so scary all at the same time.

*He sleeps...finally! After about a year of torture for Mommy, the switch has been flipped! Lately he has been sleeping 12-13 hours straight at night and takes two 1-2 hour naps. Heaven!!

*He is a climber! Anything that is more than 2 inches off of the ground must be conquered. Also quite nerve wracking for his parents.

*His favorite toys are anything round (aka a ball of any size or shape), his ring stackers, his shape bucket, and his Elmo that hugs.

*He loves books. He will actually sit fairly still for quite awhile if he is being read to. His favorite books right now are the Fisher Price "Who is on the Farm", "Little Puppy" finger puppet book, "My Day", and "Picaboo Farm". We read a few every night before bed and he goes running for his room and the chair when I tell him to say night night. :)

*He would rather be outside than doing anything else...unfortunate for him that it happens to be like a million degrees outside in Phoenix right now and Mommy is just not that desperate. :) Luckily for him we have these large glass doors that he can stand at and look outside all day long if he so desires.

*He loves to make animal sounds. So far he has mastered a cow (moo), sheep (baa), lion (roar...which he makes sound fairly vicious), chicken (bock bock), and duck (quack quack...and my personal favorite). We are working on dog and cat. :)

(And then he was over the cake, balloons, and photo shoot!)

What a fun and spunky little man he has become! He adds so much to our family and definitely keeps us all on our toes. We love you Grayson John!

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