Thursday, September 11, 2014

Minnesota Fun and Family

Grayson is a little bit more clingy than his sister ever was and definitely is not as friendly with strangers, So I was pretty surprised at how well he did with all of the new people in Minnesota. The last time he was around my dad's side of the family, he was only 2 months old, but he seemed to warm up to them pretty fast.

Eating snacks with Carmen.

He did so amazing during the viewing. We were at the church for like 6 hours and he did actually fall asleep for about 45 minutes. The rest of the time he played and snacked. :)

Checking out the frog that Sydney caught.

Peek-a-boo with cousin Nic.

Hanging out with Papa.

Isn't this church beautiful?

With Papa in front of the house that he grew up in.

He loves Uncle Jeff!

Piano time with Ross.

Checking out a tractor...

...and decided he really wasn't a big fan!

Snacks with Uncle Phil.

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