Sunday, September 7, 2014

Travel Day with Grayson

My amazing Grandma (or Gigi to my kids) passed away earlier this month (more about her in a later post) so Grayson and I headed to Minnesota for her funeral. I knew it would be interesting to fly with Grayson by myself (because it really doesn't matter how short the trip is, traveling with a little one requires everything but the kitchen sink!), but with scheduling childcare at home while I would be gone, it just made more sense to take him with me! The flight itself was memorable (not for the best reasons) but it was really fun to get off the plane and have both my parents (we hadn't seen my dad in a couple of months as he is working in Australia right now) and my brother, Jeff, who had flown in from Hawaii earlier in the day.

This was right before we boarded the plane...and right before the epic meltdown he had while the "A" group was boarding. I am very grateful for the Grandma on my flight who had chatted with me in the terminal while we were waiting (and knew the reason I was going to Minnesota) and then watched the entire meltdown with very sympathetic looks in my direction. They were a welcome site a midst all the other glares from the rest of the passengers. As I was walking down the aisle of the plane, the sweet lady reached out and patted my arm while saying, "Just breathe will all be ok!".

Playing with Mommy's phone on the plane. :)

It was about midnight by the time we finally arrived at the farm (where my dad grew up and my great grandparents built). I knew it would probably be a long night with Grayson, and he did not disappoint! :) He finally fell asleep in my lap while we were sitting in a recliner at about 4am. But to his credit, each night we were there he slept progressively better!

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