Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hiking & Rafting

Yesterday, we headed up Whitefish Mountain Resort (some hiked and some rode the chair lift). I had a cousin pass away when he was 12 years old and his ashes are buried at the top of this ski resort. The family went up to spend some time together at his grave. It was a very neat experience.

Today, a group of us went white water rafting on the Middle Fork of Flathead river. What a blast! We had one raft flip and the kayak capsize, but no one was hurt so everyone had a great time. There were some pretty large rapids! At one point, Jeff, my brother and our raft guide, was four feet off the back of the raft-but luckily landed exactly where he started in the raft.

Drinking huckleberry milkshakes. Huckleberries are everywhere up here and they are really good!

Our family on the raft

One of 3 rafts + a kayak that was on the trip

My cousin Josh did a gainer off of a cliff....yeah, no thanks!

My cousin Maria and me on our raft

My uncle Craig looking out over the valley at the top of Whitefish

The Fam at the top of the was a 4 mile uphill hike to get there, but it felt great to get to the top! I, however, opted to take the lift down!

The group that hiked up to the summit. There are 38 of us total and the rest took the lift up.

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