Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well after over 3400 miles, 4 states, 5 National Parks and a whole lot of fun, we made it home. It was really hard to leave such a beautiful place, especially when you are returning to 100 + degree weather! The last day in Montana was filled with a family church service (which is something that I will always remember), packing and shooting shotguns (I even shot one this time!). Brandon and I then headed to Idaho to see where my cousin and her husband recently finished their house. The next day, Jody (my cousin), her little boy Chase, Brandon and I headed into Couer d'Alene to do some sight seeing. Couer d'Alene Lake is unbelievable and the town feels like a little ski town in the summer. After a few hours there, we started the long trek home. We stopped outside of Boise, Idaho the first night (where we almost lost Wrigley, but that's a whole other, very long story) and then outside of Zion National Park the next night. It really did feel good to make it home, but I don't think that we would mind heading back to Montana very soon!

Our beautiful and rainey drive from Montana to Idaho

Jody, Chase and I in Coeur d'Alene

Wrigley was not amused by this moose statue! She was scared to even go near it.

Doesn't this look like the Windows home page? :) This was our drive in Idaho

Zion National Park

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