Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st D-backs Game

Rylie finally got to go to her first Diamondbacks game! I was super excited to take her, as this is my favorite baseball team (she needed to be exposed to the D-backs since she had already been to a Dodger game and to Angel stadium...I don't want her to be confused at who she should really cheer for :) ). We decided to take the light rail to the game...and I think we learned our lesson. While it is cheaper than parking at the game, the travel time is a lot more and it is pretty crowded. Rylie did great on the way there, but on the way home she was way over tired and therefore was not a happy camper...not to mention that she also threw up all over the place. Not the most pleasant experience!

The game itself was great! My friend works for the D-backs so she always gives us really good seats. I only had to take Rylie out into the breezeway for one inning and we left after 8 since the D-backs were losing by so much. I can't wait for these games to become a family tradition as Rylie grows up!

Waiting for the light that she can face out in her Baby Bjorn, she is a super happy little traveler!

So cute in her D-backs gear!

Happy little baseball fan!

The two D-Backs fans in our family :)

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