Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid-Summer Classic

The MLB All-Star game is always something fun that Brandon and I enjoy watching every July and this year's game was in Anaheim. We found out while we were in California that Brandon's Mom's boss had given her tickets for the Legends and Celebrity Softball game that happens the Sunday before the All-Star game. So we decided to stay one more night so we could go to the game. I hung out with Rylie in the breeze way for a little while until the sun went down and then joined the group to watch the game. It was a blast and again, Rylie did amazing! She has become quite the little traveler!

It was a little hot at the beginning of the game, but that's what great about California because as soon as the sun dropped behind the stadium we all had to put jackets on!

This is how Rylie was for the majority of the game...just sitting on Gammie's lap looking around!

Beautiful Angel Stadium after the game.

So on Tuesday night, the actual All-Star game took place...and Brandon wanted to make sure that Rylie got into our tradition and watched the game (she was dressed in Dodgers gear at the beginning...until she threw-up all over it! That's mommy's girl!).

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  1. lol you 2 crack me up with your fav. teams and her outfits