Sunday, July 18, 2010

2 Month Appointment...Already!

I cannot believe that we just had Rylie's 2 month Dr.'s appointment (she actually is closer to 3 months now...but that's how summer schedules go!). Here are some of the things that have happened in the last month.

*We decided to get her tongue clipped. When she was born, they told us that she was borderline tongue-tied but probably wasn't a big deal. Well, I was having pretty extreme pain while nursing still 8 weeks later, so we decided to get it fixed and it worked great! It was a pretty simple procedure and was over in a minute...and Rylie did awesome.

*She weighs 12 lbs 6 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. Her head is still in the 95% for size, but it has stopped growing at an abnormal rate, so we are good for now!

*She had her first actual tear that rolled down her cheek...and it almost made me start crying myself!

*She giggled for the first time, and it was at me! I finally got one of her firsts!

*She slept through the night! It is not every night, but currently she has done it 3 different times. The other nights, she will go about 6 hours, wake up and eat, and then go 3 more hours.

*She loves her food! She eats 4-5 oz every 3 hours during the day, and she is ridiculously on the dot when it comes to those 3 hours!

*She is super active. As soon as we lay her down on her mat, she starts kicking her legs and moving her arms all over the place. She makes it pretty clear when she gets a little over stimulated with the things hanging from the mat. She loves the mat until we put her on her stomach. She hates tummy time!

*She finally found her thumb, and let me tell you, she has been working hard for that! It still takes an extreme amount of concentration for her to get it to her mouth, but she loves it when she can.

*We are working through the fact that she very likely has a milk allergy. She started having a little bit of blood in her diaper, so the pediatrician is having me go completely dairy free (this is not easy for me...I love my milk and cheese!) to see if this is the culprit.

Daddy and Mommy love you so much baby girl!

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