Sunday, September 19, 2010

To Idaho We Go!

After our time in Kalispell, we were off to my cousin Jody's house outside of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This trip did not help me want to stay living in Arizona for the rest of my life...all of these places are beautiful! And I loved the cooler weather and rain! Things you definitely miss during the summer in Phoenix. Jody and her husband JD have a little boy, Chase, who was so cute with Rylie! He wanted to read her books, would bring me blankets to cover her up when she was ready to go to bed, and would always find and put her pacifier back in whenever it came out.

Jody is a hair dresser, so I went with her one of the days to work to see her shop and meet all of the people that she works with. We also went on a hike to some waterfalls and spent a day in Coeur d'Alene (I really could live there!) shopping and having lunch. After a few days there, we started the drive home. Rylie again did amazing! She literally spent 2 solid days in her car seat and rarely cried. If she did start crying, we would bring out this little ladybug book and she would instantly stop crying. My poor mother probably read that book about 100 times on this trip! :) All in all, I don't think the trip could have gone any better than it did! I love that our little one is such a good traveller...that means many more fun trips in the future!

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  1. LOVE the oink outfit by the water!!! And the shoes ohhh the shoes are too cute!