Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip!!

We started out on our road trip to Montana! Our first day drive was going to be between 12-14 hours, so it was anyone's guess as to how Rylie would do for that long in the car. I came prepared with lots of new toys and books to keep her entertained!

Ready to go!

Well, we really didn't need to worry...she did amazing! She took little cat naps throughout the day and one long (I'm talking like 3 hours!) nap in the middle and was pretty happy most of the time. She had one fussy time, but thankfully only lasted 10 minutes before she fell asleep. Pretty good for a 4 month old!

Stretching her legs with Grandpa

The restaurant that we stopped at for dinner had a huge train that went all over...Rylie thought the train was pretty interesting!

We got to Salt Lake City and found our hotel (another first for Rylie!). We let her play and stretch out for a little bit and then she went back to sleep for the night, and really didn't have too bad of a night. :) I think we have a little traveller on our hands!

Rockin her new baby legs! :)

Practicing sitting up on the hotel bed...just the right softness to fall over on!

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