Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the Road Again...

After the wedding, we stopped in Bozeman to drop Brandon off at the airport and then headed up to Kalispell, Montana to visit 2 of my aunts and cousins. They live in the most beautiful area and the weather was amazing! (Well, for us Arizonians at least...I consider rainy and cool weather pretty awesome...others may not agree :) )You may remember from previous blog posts that we spent some time here last summer and thought we had literally found the perfect place to live. My aunt and uncle live on 40 acres of beautiful land that backs up to national forest. There pool has been designed to look like a pond and the grounds are covered with the greenest grass you will ever see and a ton of flowers. It is hard not to love it there! Since last summer, my cousin Nick and his wife Jen have had a baby girl, Aubrianna. We had so much fun getting our two little ones together. I think Aubrianna was a little bored with Rylie since she really couldn't do much with her! :) We spent our time there relaxing and just spending time together. I also got my huckleberry milkshake! :) Montana is one of the only places that you can get huckleberry anything and I love everything huckleberry! We only got to spend a few days there, but it was great to see everyone and have a chance for them to meet Rylie.

We found this chapel on our beautiful drive from the ranch. It is called "The Soldiers Chapel" and the whole driveway is lined with American is stunning!

Jen and I with our little ones! (I so wish we lived closer together so they would get to grow up as playmates!)

Rylie and Aubrianna

Rylie playing with her new toy...a moose! Unfortunately, we didn't actually get to see any live moose on our trip! We definitely went to find some numerous times :)

Not a bad view for feeding time! :)

Girls day out for our huckleberry shakes.

Rylie and her Gigi having a chat (that is my Grandma).

Rylie also loved the cats! She thought they were the funniest things and couldn't wait to touch them whenever they came up to us. They are super friendly cats because they were bottle fed kittens, they literally come running to you when you go outside! This one loved to play with Rylie through the window.

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