Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Months and Food!

Rylie turned 5 months yesterday and has really been doing some fun stuff!

*She will sit up by herself for quite awhile now especially if there are some toys within her reach.

*She is all over the place! Not crawling, but rolling. We have found her half under the coffee table a few times.

*She loves her baths!

*She sleeps on her side most of the time now. Her bed times have been so much better! We put her down and then she rolls around for a little bit and then falls asleep on her own. She still does not always sleep through the night, but it is slowly getting better. We only feed her once and it isn't until around 4.

*She has started food! So far she has had peas and carrots and seems to really like them both. I made my first batch of baby food and thought it was so fun! :)

*She went to the nursery for the first time so that I can go to a Wednesday morning Bible study and they have told me that she is doing great.

She really is a very happy and easy going baby. Now that her nights are getting better, she is so fun during the day...she seems much happier, and that definitely makes us happy! :)

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