Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a's a plane!

That's right! Rylie went on her first plane ride this past weekend. We headed to California for Brandon's fall break, and this time we decided to fly. I wasn't sure how it would all go since we left on Saturday morning at 8:00am...which means getting to the airport at like 6:30...which means getting up and leaving super early. Luckily, Rylie is quite the morning baby so that early morning flight was actually quite pleasant. :) I made sure that she was ready to eat right when we were taking off, so she didn't even seem to notice the pressure on her ears. She played with Brandon for a little while and then promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep until we were on the ground again (of course, the flight is only about 50 minutes long). So apparenty, car or plane, it doesn't really matter...Rylie is turning into quite the little traveller!

All relaxed and waiting at the airport.

She was pretty interested in all of the activity outside the plane before we took off!

This whole flying thing is tiring! :)

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