Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8 Months

Rylie turned 8 months old on January 2nd! Talk about time flying! Here are some of the things she has been up to:

*She had her first ear infection this month. :( Her weight at that appointment was 17 lbs. 9 oz.

*Still no teeth! Who would have thought with how much she puts things in her mouth and knaws on everything in sight!

*She wears 6-9 (or 6-12) month clothing.

*The new foods this month was blueberries, squash, peaches and turkey. She made the funniest face ever with the turkey, but she kept eating it! :)

*Her favorite toys right now are her Jumperoo (I guess that is considered a toy...she loves this thing and actually tries to jump in her stationary activity centers as well), her soft blocks and her keys.

*She is really starting to love books (even different ones now, not just the "Little Ladybug" book!).

*She loves music and will start dancing and moving all over the place when it starts playing. She will sit through a church service until the music is done and the sermon starts. :)

*Rylie is so close to crawling...I think it will be any day now!

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