Monday, January 17, 2011


Life has been filled with work and normalcy after our crazy Holidays, so I haven't had much to blog about...until now! Rylie started sitting up on her own a few weeks ago, so now this is what I am greeted with every morning or after nap time. :)

I love walking in to a huge smile and arms reaching up for me! :) (You may have noticed the nice little shiner on her forehead. She took a digger into the hardwood floor at my mom's attempting to crawl. The first of many bumps and bruises, I'm sure!)

We have been taking full advantage of our amazing weather (read 75 degrees!) by using our zoo pass. It is so fun to go as a family, with my mom, or with friends. Rylie loves to be outside and just cruise in her stroller. Did I mention that I love the zoo? :)

Riding the endangered animal carosel with Grandma

Hanging out with Jack (my good friend Kristi's little guy)

Now that Rylie can sit up, she will often play by herself in her crib or pack & play before she goes to sleep. I peeked in on her one time at my mom's and she was happy as a clam playing around...the next time I peeked in, this is what I saw:

Apparently all of that playing is exhausting! So much so, that it was too much effort to lay down, so she just decided to fall forward to sleep. :) By the way, this was exactly the breech position in my stomach that she was in at the time of her delivery. Oh, to be that flexible! :)

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