Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Food

So I have been asked a few times why I am choosing to make Rylie's baby food instead of just buying it. First of all, I am not a crazy health food person (I love my Taco Bell!) so no, I do not think that store bought baby food is terrible or anything like that. I just always thought that making your own baby food sounded, well, fun! And that is crazy if you know me at all because I really don't love to cook or bake or do anything in the kitchen just for fun.

So yes, I make all of Rylie's food. Some of the reasons that I am still doing it is because I love that I can give her new and different foods to try that are not very common or never found in store bought baby food (ex. avocados, blueberries, honeydew to name a few). She will eat anything right now, so it is fun to give her as many different flavors as I can. Second of all, I believe it is substantially less expensive than store bought food (more on that in a minute). It really doesn't take me very long, and yes, I do like that I am actually seeing exactly what is going into her mouth (it is amazing how much I watch what food I am feeding her when I really didn't watch that closely when it was just Brandon and I). So here is what it looks like for me to make Rylie's food!

I found this great farmer's market that is always open (Superstition Ranch Market for anyone in the East Valley) and is actually in a building so it is open even in the summer. Minus the frozen green beans and peas (which I got at Wal-Mart) everything else is from there. And it is probably some of the best produce that I have ever tasted! Everything is so delicious! My grand total, including my Wal-Mart purchases, was only $14.45! This will last Rylie about a month.

Peeling and chopping the pears.

Yellow squash is a new one for her this time, so we will see how she likes it! All I had to do is wash it, cut it into chunks so it could be steamed, and then I pureed it in a blender.

Pears in the blender. I was going to get a food processer, but so far my blender has worked great!

I pour the blended food into ice cube trays to freeze. Each cube is approx. 1 oz so it makes it very easy to keep track. When they are frozen, I put them in marked freezer bags and just take out as many cubes as Rylie needs per day.

Rylie enjoying some frozen honeydew while I made the rest of her food. :)

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