Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Week

The week leading up to Jeff and Laura's wedding was full of crazy fun! We had a bunch of family come into town and there are a few little ones, so it was great to have all of the kiddos together. On Wednesday, we headed to the zoo. All of the out of towners were so impressed by our zoo...it was a good reminder not to take it for granted, we really do have a great zoo! (I actually didn't take many photos of the zoo since we had some amazing photographers with us, but I still thought this was a cute one of Ry!)

That evening we all went to Rawhide for dinner and some of the kids did a bunch of the little games that are there. Rylie was even given a sheriff's badge! :) The steak dinner was really fun with a live band (Rylie immediately started to dance when the music played...the musicians thought she was hilarious!) and the kids loved panning for gold, the petting zoo and riding the train.

The amazing sunset at Rawhide...this is one of my favorite things about Arizona...you can't beat the sunsets! :)

Thursday was bridesmaids day! We all met Laura at Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then headed to get pedicures and shopping. It was great to get to know Laura's friends from her childhood and spend a day having fun before the craziness of the wedding.

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