Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wedding

The day of Jeff and Laura's wedding was beautiful! I woke up and headed over to Laura's house to get ready and Brandon left to meet all of the guys for breakfast. Brandon's mom, Helen, had come for the wedding, so she kept Rylie at home to hopefully get a couple of good naps in before the afternoon. And boy did she nap! She took the longest nap of her entire life that morning! :)

I don't really know what to say about the actual wedding except that it was perfect...Laura looked amazing and all the decorations were beautiful...and since this is a blog about our family I will add that Rylie was beyond adorable in her flower girl dress and sitting in the wagon (did I mention that my mom made the flower girl dresses...yes, she is amazing!). :)

The one sad note is that we found out that Brandon's grandma passed away during the ceremony back in California. We weren't able to be at all of the reception as we were with Brandon's mom, but I really think that the day ended up being exactly what Jeff and Laura planned and hoped for. Rylie did great during the reception and of course--she loved the music! :)

"This wedding stuff is exhausting!" :)

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