Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yes, we went to Disneyland...are you really that surprised? :) Rylie is getting more and more fun at Disneyland as she gets older. This time we went on a lot of new rides for her and even some new ones for us...and that is hard to do when you have been there as many times as we have! First of all, there were no crowds, and that was not expected seeing as we went on July 5th. I was expecting a ton of people! It was pretty warm, but we'll take that over a lot of people any day (and seriously...we are from AZ...heat doesn't scare us!). :)

Rylie's first time on Peter Pan...I know she doesn't look too thrilled, but she actually seemed to like it until the end when it got really dark.

This was a first for all of us! Ariel's Underwater Adventure just opened and Rylie loved it. It is pretty cute and they do a good job of minimizing the scarey part of the movie. The "Under the Sea" scene is adorable!

One of the other new areas we found is a big play area for kids. Rylie loved it! It has slides and tunnels and a ton of other things that she can do. It also has things for older kids so she will continue to enjoy it as she grows. Seriously, Disney thinks of everything! (Side note...don't you love the ruffles on the back of her little Minnie Mouse outfit! A great birthday present from good friends of ours!)

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