Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day!!

Our 4th of July started out just hanging out at Brandon's Mom's (Gammie's) house. Rylie got to relax and play, and most importantly, got 2 really good naps in before the festivities that night. Here she is modeling her festive PJs. :)

We also spent part of the day playing outside and enjoying the beautiful California weather. Gotta love her festive bikini! :)

That evening we headed to Angel Stadium for some good baseball and fireworks. I love going to baseball games on the 4th...you already have great seats for the firework show after the game and you don't have to fight major crowds to get them! You can't get much more American than a good old fashioned hot dog and baseball!

The National Anthem is the best part of the game on the 4th...a huge flag and a fly over with fireworks! I love our country!

Rylie's 4th of July outfit. :) Getting her to stand still for photos now if pretty much impossible, so I do my best.

She was super spoiled with food at the game...a hot dog and some of Gammie's pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert. She loves holidays!

She loved the little rally monkey that Gammie got her. She played and cuddled with it the entire game (oh and she did make it through the entire game! I'll say it again...I know some adults that can't go that long!) :)

This is what she would do everytime you said "Go Angels"!
Rylie really didn't care much either way for the fireworks. She wasn't scared at all, but she would watch a few and then almost get bored and want a cracker. She did get into it for about 2 minutes, so here she is as she is trying to reach the fireworks.

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