Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Diego Zoo

On our final weekend in California, Helen and I took Rylie to the San Diego Zoo. Brandon's brother, Brian and his fiance, Sheila, met us there. I love walking around this zoo! It is so green and pretty and has so many fun animals to see. Rylie loves looking at all of the animals, and at this zoo they are all pretty close, so she could find most of them. It was pretty humid, but really no complaints since it could have been way worse (hello Phoenix and 115 degrees!). :)

They had a baby hippo that was still pretty little! It was very cool to see the hippos active since most of the time they just sit there...not with a little one around! Mom literally was just following this baby around...sounds like my life! :)

The snow leppords getting a snack.

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